I have a body, you have a body. In fact everybody has a body! Along with this, we all have perceptions, thoughts and feelings about our own body, as well as perhaps, the bodies of other people. So if everyone has a body, and an image of that body, why do we so often consider body image to be a female concern?

My name is Candice and I am a PhD student studying male body image and related wellbeing.

Why a blog?

Writing doesn’t always come easy, and I thought creating a blog would be a useful way of documenting my thoughts on things to do with my research, whilst also trying to make them (hopefully) coherent.

I also hope that by using this platform to reflect on the research process, as well as to disseminate findings, this will go some way towards making the research process, as well as the production of knowledge more transparent; something I believe every researcher should strive for.